Kalashree Janhavi R Birpalia

A hardcore artist at heart and by profession. A passionate and dedicated professional Bharatanatyam Dancer she is the co-founder of TAPAS an academy that promotes all kinds of Performing Arts and artists. Apart from teaching and judging many dance events she has been a part of many international collaborative events at China, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Republic of Gambia, Senegal, and Laos. She performed at the 2nd Indo African business summit 2010 at Ethiopia along with the famous Kathak maestro Pandit Rajendra Gangani and his troupe. A front row Bharatanatyam dancer at the 19th commonwealth games opening ceremony she has been a part of many record-breaking events like the World Cultural Festival 2016 an ensemble of all the Indian and foreign cultural arts on one stage. Recently she was also one of the soloists at the Longest Bharatanatyam Relay Marathon ever in the history of India and Asia Book of Records organised the legendary Bharatanatyam Dancer Guru Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan. For her contribution towards promotion of Bharatanatyam she has many awards and titles to her credit.
November 17, 2018

Miracles Do Happen: The Inspiring True Story of Miraaya; a #WorldPrematurityDay special

The title sounds a little overwhelming but like they say - It is what it is! My little bundle of joy and me have had a roller coaster since the day she was conceived.