A Kid's view of @FerrariWorldAD Abudhabi in the latest issue of School Live Magazine

“I have always heard so much about Ferrari cars. Some of my older cousins dream of buying a Ferrari one day. Many of my friends have toy Ferraris in their collection. This is why I was so excited to get the chance to see Ferrari World and find out why everyone loves their cars.
Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is very big! It is like a city, and you can get lost in it. It is also very exciting because just like an amusement park it has many rides, shops and shows. I got to drive my very own Ferrari GT Spider in their Junior GT ride, where kids can get a driving lesson in small cars. There were helpful driving experts who taught me how to move the steering wheel, how to make a car go faster, how to make it stop and which side of the road to drive..
We also went for an Adventure with Nello, which was a 4D film that feels like you are sitting in a Ferrari with a boy named Nello who is driving the car really fast over hills and in snow. When you watch the film, the seats move and real water falls on you so you feel like you are actually a part of the adventure!.
There was another show called Driving with the Champion where it feels like you are sitting with a F1 race car driver and driving on a race track. This was a little scary for me because it actually feels like you are going very fast and turning very quickly. But in the end, when the lights came back I realised I was safe! We also watched a movie at Cinema Maranello about the person who started the company, Enzo Ferrari. This was OK, but I think I would have watched Adventure with Nello again. We stopped for lunch at Mamma Rosella, where we had really yummy pizzas. Every pizza slice was as a big as a pizza. I liked that very much! Then we went to Galleria Ferrari where we saw their different old and new cars. My favourite was this yellow Ferrari that I thought looked like a superhero’s car..
Afterwards Papa decided to go on a ride called Formula Rossa which is the world’s fastest rollercoaster just like the Ferrari cars – Mom was too scared to go on it, and I am not old enough for it, so Papa was the only one who went. And I saw people who were coming down from it were shaking and talking about the scary speed, even Papa! Mummy and Aunty also went on one ride, which was not so fast but it was really long..
Everything in Ferrari World is very big. There are really lots of different types of rides and shows that you can enjoy and I feel that one day is not enough to see it all. Even after spending a day there we had to skip many attractions! But one thing we did not miss was buying some exciting souvenirs at the Past Present Store where there are toys, t-shirts and caps and other stuff. I chose a cap for myself just like all the drivers at Ferrari World I think I will go back there again when I am old enough for all the rides..

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