Challenge Toy : Candy Grabber Machine Replica Toy : kyrascope playing challenges

Get ready to rock out with Kyrascope Kid Kyra as she shares her new toy

Stop, in the name of the claw! The Candy Grabber is a refillable small-scale replica of the traditional candy grabber arcade machine. Hear the fairground band strike up, mop your top lip and put your hand/eye co-ordination to the test by taking control of the candy claw and prepare to dive for victory - not as easy as it sounds when all eyes are on you. The skilfull amongst you will savour the sweet taste of success, while clumsy oafs with sausage fingers can look on the bright side. Tech Specs 2 Joystick levers for fine control of the candy claw Sweets not included Fairground music that plays for 75 seconds Requires 3 x D Batteries This Arcade Candy Grabber is a goodie for all ages - Just remember to brush your teeth afterwards.

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