Flintobox Ocean Explorer Unboxing and Review

“Flintobox is fun and learning. The packaging is really nice and Flintobox Ocean Explorer theme has four parts or themes to play with My Aquarium, Snuba-Do, My Submarine and the Story Book. I started with My Aquarium and I am really happy with the experience. When I opened the package, I found colors, sponge, sand, bowl, messy sheet, stickers, glue, and an apron.

I wore the apron so that I do not make myself dirty while playing with colors and then I spread the messy mat on the table so that the table does not get dirty too. With brush, I took out the colors and with the help of some water and sponge, I started coloring the canvas blue. Once I was able to color the whole canvas blue, I had spread some glue with the help of sponge and then sprinkled sand on it. It was looking beautiful and like I was in water only.

Then I created the fishes and the aquatic plants and started pasting them on the blue canvas. And it looked so beautiful just like the fishes were talking amongst themselves. I even used my hands to create another sea animal with the help of colors. I love the Flintobox. I am excited to play other games as well! Flintobox is so much fun and I want to keep playing with it!”

About Flintobox Ocean Explorer

Aquatic life is very interesting and Flintobox ocean explorer is a great effort when it comes to making children aware about the marine life. With Flintobox, children can not only explore their hidden capabilities and creativity but also learn while they are on a fun ride with this package! This is fun while learning and you will be amazed to see how your little one will want to play with it forever and ever. This little adventure kit has been created for the kids who are between 4 to 8 years of age and is divided into four parts whereby your little one can create his/her aquarium on canvas using the little tool kit full of colors, sand and other important requirements. It has Snuba-Do which is a full-fledged aquatic game for the apple of your eye and you and your child can play this game over and over again. If your child loves playing games where he/she could create a toy vehicle or a toy home, then MY SUBMARINE will be a real delight for him/her because this would give them an opportunity to create their very own underwater vehicle and last but not the least, there is a surprise story book that your child will really adore. This product will enhance your child’s analytical and creative skills while they would be enjoying and having fun!

Unboxing Flintobox Packaging

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