Globe Trotters Little Explorers (Ages 4-6) Single Box - Japan Theme Unboxing and Review Kyrascope

Single Box - Japan (Ages 4-6 years)

Kit contains - Sushi Making Kit · Origami Kit · Japanese Fan Making Kit · Mount Fuji Fridge Magnet Kit · Surprise Souvenir · Japan Activity Book · Wall-sized Illustrated World Map (Premium quality) · Welcome Letter · Japan Letter & Stickers · Suitcase Box for Kids

About Globe Trotters

Globe Trotters Box was built out of a passion for hands-on fun that encourages creativity and curiosity in children while learning about the world. It is a fun way for kids to learn about geography and cultures around the globe. We want to make it easy and delightful for them to spend time exploring the world, country by country.

We have a team of creative parents who dream up the projects, experts who review them and a community of kid testers who ensure that the projects and fun and engaging.

We love working on Globe Trotters Box and cherish the involvement that our kids and friends have in bringing the product to life. We're excited about the opportunity to help provide these types of experiences for your family to share too.

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