How to Prepare Ourselves (Parents) to Help Kids Learning

How to Prepare Ourselves (Parents) to Help Kids Learning

Kids are now back to school routine post the summer holidays. It means they will have to get back to the daily lessons and homework cycle. Therefore, there will be times when they need our help with their lessons. In times like this, we may think that teaching kids’ is easy, But is that the case?

We, ourselves, do kids’ exercise

Though kids’ lesson seems easy for us, at times if we haven’t done it for a long time, our ability might be rusty. So practising the exercise before we start teaching will help immensely and will prepare us to answer kids’ questions smoothly during the teaching session.

Undertanding Teaching Methods

Kyrascope Parenting Blog India : Helping Kids in School Homework

Check the method which are used in school to teach a concept Look at the picture below!

Let’s say we learned division through memorization in primary school, while our kids now learn through other methods. The difference makes us not get used to with the method our kids used. Therefore, checking the methods kids use to learn a concept at school is necessary. Check their textbook or other sources to find out. So in times kids need our help, we’re ready with whatever methods they usually use.

Understanding Kids Language Levels

Kyrascope Parenting Blog : Kids language Levels

Practice to explain lessons’ concepts using kids’ language level. Let’s say we teach our kids photosynthesis. We tell that photosynthesis is a chemical process which is done by plant to create their food. Chemical is an advance word for primary school kids. So change the word with the one which will be understood by kids without changing the concept meaning, for instance with cooking. It’s the word kids understand. Therefore, they will grasp the photosynthesis concept easier. If we have difficulties to find simple word kids will understand, we can use kids’ encyclopedia or educational toys as sources (Check out Kyra’s videos to find out). Those are usually equipped with an explanation based on real facts with words suitable for kids.

Patience is the Key

Parenting Blog : Patience with Kids

Learn to be patient by understanding the time kids need in learning When kids learn something, it takes time for them to understand the lesson which may be longer than what we may be expected. Understanding and keeping it in mind is very important, so we can be patient with them. By being so, we’ll always be able to give positive encouragement which is very important to help kids in their learning.

Be ready to do research

Kyrascope Parenting Blog : Doing Research with Kids

Kids may ask questions which we may not know the answer. When this happens, just say that we’ll find out about it first and explain to them later. Researching to find out the right answer is very important, instead of answer randomly, because we don’t want them to get the wrong knowledge, do we? Other than that, we actually teach our kids to do research to get an answer. And this is ability kids need to have in learning.

Those are the tips. Happy teaching!


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