Kyra’s Supply Haul: Back to School with

Kyra’s uncle ordered her a bagful of pretty pink back-to-school supplies which she has patiently kept sealed just to share with you!

Her back-to-school supplies were ordered from, India’s leading retail website for children’s toys and utilities. Kyra’s is bottomless! Watch how she keeps taking out an endless number of treats from her bag. It’s magic! What’s in her haul you ask? - A pretty pink Disney school bag that is also a strolley – good to use in case Kyra’s crayons weigh her down! - A Fevicryl acrylic fabric paint set for painting T-shirts - A glitter pen set in different colours - A line-up of erasers (enough for her to share with her friends!) shaped as popular soda cans of Pepsi, Fanta, Coca Cola and more! - A child-safe set of paper cutters - A glossy Barbie folder with empty sleeves to hold her drawings - A Dora the Explorer drawstring bag! – A bag inside a bag! - A looooong scroll of colourful stickers –alphabets, flowers, butterflies, stars, numbers and teddy bears! - An A4-sized cloth Barbie envelope case - A shiny pink pencil - A plastic envelope folder with Japanese anime - A hobby kit with a colouring book filled with shapes that can be cut out and made into design elements for various art and craft items. The kit has everything: crayons, sketch pens, mini scissors, rulers and more…

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