Kyrascope Review: Getting Brainier with Brainsmith’s Quantum Cards

Kyra is always eager to learn new things but sometimes retaining facts can be a problem. Brainsmith’s Quantum Cards are going to make it easier for her to do that!

Kyra just got a fresh new box of Brainsmith’s National Flags Quantum Cards because she loves to travel and get familiar with different countries. Brainsmith’s Quantum Cards help her recognise the flags of different countries in a large, colourful format that makes a stronger impression on her mind, while also teaching her interesting facts about the country printed at the back of the card. Her brain will remember to correlate the image of the flag with the facts and therefore make a stronger memory. In fact, she’s getting smarter already – so smart that she’s now on to playing double roles!!! Watch this video to see her in two different avatars.

Meanwhile, her daddy is busy picking out Quantum Cards in new subjects for Kyra because she can’t seem to get enough of the little quiz shows she puts on with her quizmaster mummy!

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