Smartivity Dancing Colours Kaleidoscope Unboxing and Review

Explore the world of colours and patterns, With your very own Kaleidoscope!
Peek into the magical new dimension where colours dance and wonders abound. Vibrant and colourful, Smartivity Kaleidoscope kit opens up a world of patterns and designs. Just stick colourful shapes onto the disc and watch your beloved li'l one explore the wonders of light and colours.
Learnings: Colours | Shapes | Patterns | Spatial skills | Motor skills | Creativity
Scientific concepts that I Learned
Optics, Colours
My Engagement time: 45 min
Assembling the Kaleidoscope: 20 min
Colouring and painting: 25 min
Exploring world of colours: Unlimited

About Smartivity

Smartivity projects are playful activities that make your kid smarter.
Our activities are collaborative arts, craft and science based projects designed around the Theory of Successful Intelligence proposed by Robert Sternberg, a world famous psychologist. According to Sternberg, intelligence leads to success in the real world; and Successful intelligence is a balanced mix of Analytical + Practical + Creative Intelligence.
These activities are designed to prepare your child for real world challenges by playfully developing creative, analytical and practical skills.
By engaging the creative and practical centres of the brain , Smartivity ensures wholesome intellectual development of your child. Smartivity also drives the feeling of accomplishment, build curiosity and helps kids understand concepts better – making them smarter

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