Kyra’s Surprise Box: Exciting Spiderman Toys for Every Budding Marvel Superhero!

In this edition, Kyra looks inside her surprise box of Spiderman goodies. A much-loved Marvel superhero, Spiderman is actually just a regular boy who got bit by a radioactive spider! Ever since then he has been delighting children and adults with comic books, movies, cartoons and exciting merch!

What’s inside Kyra's box?

A Spiderman mask with eyes that light up and make you see things! Ooooo!
A moving Spiderman action figure that is ready for combat as soon as you feed him two double AA batteries. Look at how he crawls and shoots, crawls and shoots, crawls and shoots!
A collectible Spiderman figure in his classic ready-to-pounce pose
A wearable Spiderman glove with a disc shooter!

By the end of it all, Kyra transforms into Spiderman herself! Look out!

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