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5 Steps to Make Kids Excited of Going Back to School after Holidays

It’s time for kids to go back to school after long holidays. Changing their routines during holiday to school days routines may be challenging, as on holidays, kids have loose schedule and they spend most of their time by playing. If we change the holiday routines suddenly, they may be cranky and are not excited of going back to school. To avoid that, here are 5 steps to make kids able to adjust with school days routines smoothly and end up being excited of going back to school:

1. Making kids back to go to bed early!

It’s just like what Kyra said in her video, go to bed early. To make this happen, we need to create situation which will make kids do so willingly. We can do this by turning off the TV early, putting the toys and gadgets away, and last, but most important, tucking them to bed.

2. Reading stories with ‘Going back to School’ theme!

Tucking kids to bed won’t be enough. We need to read them stories. It’s not only a good way to make them sleep but give benefit also. The story theme will stimulate them to think about fun things at school. This thought will excite them of going back to school.

3. Participating kids to prepare school stuff!

Another tips from Kyra is preparing school stuff. Do it and let kids choose their own school stuff based on their favorite movie characters, color, or anything they like. The freedom to choose will make them excited and can’t wait to go to school to use their school stuffs right away.

4. Asking kids to make school days daily routines table!

Tell kids the routines they have to do on school days. Show Kyra video to get some examples. Write those and put in the schedule table form. Ask kids to decorate the table. By doing those, the routines differences between holiday and school days’ time will stick in their mind. Encourage them to follow the new routines by giving rewards. For example, put star stickers on the schedules every time they do the routines well. Explain to them that by doing well, they’ve done good thing and tell that we are proud of them. Our appraisal will make kids happy and willing to do well more.

5. Asking kids to share their experience!

Kids love telling what they’ve experienced. Therefore, encourage them to share their stories during holiday, not by telling it only, but put it in the form of writing, drawing and pasting photos in a scrap book which they can show to their friends and teachers at school. When they have something to show, they will definitely be eager to go back to school. Those are the five steps to make kids adjust with school days routine smoothly. Make each steps fun for kids, so they will think that going back to school is as fun as holiday. When they have thought so, kids will want to follow school days routine and being excited of going back to school after holidays.


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