The Don’ts and Do’s After School Questions

When kids go home from school, we often ask them questions related with school. Questions we ask mostly about their school lessons because we often think those matter most. However, have we ever thought that whether our kids think so too? But don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean they do not think that lessons are not important. It’s just that, there are actually lots of things happen at school. They not only learn at school, but also interact with teachers and friends. Things happened which make them happy or even sad. Those actually what kept in their mind first and formed their mood and those need to be asked first before others. So what should we ask?:

Here are the don’ts and do’s ask questions for kids after school:

The don’ts

1. How were your lessons?

Going home from school, they’ve been tired because learning lessons require lots of energy. When we ask this, they may feel angry because it’s kind of reminding them of what makes them tired that day.

2. Have you done well on your test?

Doing test is not always fun. Kids don’t always want to tell us right away about what happened during the test. When we ask this, they may not want to answer us or even lie – if we push a lot - about it especially when the test is difficult for them.

3. What homework have you got?

This question related to chores they have to do and chores are rarely fun. When they are tired, they won’t like hearing it and may end up not excited of doing the homework. And we don’t want this, do we?

The do’s

1. Have you got a good time at school?

Ask this when we think our kids are happy, though tired, which we can tell by their expression. This will trigger kids to talk excitedly about what has happened.

2. Why do you look so sad/ angry?

Ask this when they look so sad/ angry. This will make kids tell us what make them sad/ angry. It’s very important for them to tell us, that way we can help them to deal with the feeling and make them feel fine again.

3. You look so tired/ not well. What did you do?

Ask this when kids look so tired or may be sick. From their answer, we can know what has happened, so we can act to make them feel better.

If we ask about kids’ feeling first, we help them to deal with all the things which have happened at school. It’s very important to do because feeling forms kids’ moods and those need to be resolved first before they can deal with the lessons. It is so because the moods, especially the negative ones, will affect their logical thinking which is needed in studying time. Later when kids have talked about their happy, sad, scary or angry moments at school, they will be refresh and ready with the school lessons. If they’ve been in this state, then we can ask the don’ts questions.

In conclusion, after kids come home from school, questions related to feeling should come first before logic related ones.


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