Besides Eating Candy Here Are Some Other Things To Do This Halloween

No doubt, this year’s Halloween celebrations are bound to be scarier and spookier than any other event in recent history. Besides the truckloads of candy that will be making their way to our homes, there is a lot you can do to make this event count. Let’s get practical – here are some things you need to try out either alone (or with your kids) during this “evil night."

1. It’s Okay To Look Like A Blood-Sucking Monster

Get everyone in your family a scary costume they’re comfortable in. Don’t be basic. It is always a good idea to push the boundaries by going for something that is completely out of the box. It’s okay to look like a demon or blood-sucking monster during this night. There is every reason to get dolled up on Halloween. After all, the fun comes from getting things done a little differently from the norm. The deal gets even better if you can hook up for a group costume. Your kids can form a great part of this group. Alternatively, if this sounds like too much of kids’ stuff to you, then consider organizing your kids together with their neighbors for a group costume. Halloween just looks a whole lot scarier when done by many people together.

2. Get Out Of Your Closet

Halloween is time to be scary, bad and evil but in a good way. So don’t be afraid to go out of your usual work routine. If your kids are used to seeing you wearing an office suit, then consider giving them change by being a little more casual on this day – they will surely like it. And if you can; just grab yourself a costume and join the fun. Don’t let the possible opinions of others hold you back from the trick or prank you want to pull. Want to be a minion, buck or even a giant spider for a day? Halloween gives you the opportunity to do the stuff you never have time for. So do whatever you’ve got to do.

3. Raid Your Local Grocery (Not literally of course!)

If you are a hands-on person, then why not get busy carving some pumpkins. It may look like amateurish stuff, but it really does provide an opportunity for you to interact with your kids and other members of the household. So don’t hesitate to make your way to your nearest grocery shop for a fresh supply of pumpkins. You can even start perfecting your carving skills in earnest as you wait for the big day. As you do that, remember to set aside a few pumpkin seeds. These can come in handy in redeeming your diet once the candy sugar spike wears off. If you are already feeling competitive, you can host a carving competition at your home so kids can come over and have a time of their life. Of course, the winner will take home a significantly larger supply of candy for their “hard work."

4. You Don’t Always Have To Carve Pumpkins

The idea of carving put pumpkins may not always work especially if your kid is below the age of 5. Why would you want to leave your young one alone, with a knife all in the name of celebrating? So in that case, you might want to consider hosting a pumpkin decoration thing at your place. You can spend time with your little ones decorating some pumpkins. Consider getting them some markers, acrylic paint, beads, buttons and so forth. Remind them that the scarier the pumpkin, the dapper the event.

5. Scale Up The Party Mood

If you live in a safe place with friendly neighbors who understand what Halloween is, consider taking your kid’s celebration a notch higher by arranging for their friends to come for a sleepover. This will give them an opportunity to have fun until they fall to sleep. The pranks will only get better as the night beckons. Halloween is one of those days when having lots of people around to celebrate with makes a lot of sense. Sure, arranging for a sleepover may require a lot of time as it is always best to make invitations ahead of time. But since Halloween is all about daring to do things differently, there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from scaling up the party mood.

6. Room For Extra Spookiness

Still, with the idea of taking the fun a notch higher, consider setting aside a dedicated room in your house for this specific event. You can have this room decorated with all manner of spooky things. Actually, it would be a good idea to lock out this room for your little ones so that they only gain access to it during the big day. That will serve to add even more mystery to the Halloween fest in your home. As you plan for your décor, don’t forget to include Jack O Lanterns to the mix, along with spiders, mini-lights and of course lots of candies. You can have the walls painted in black also. Another good idea is to have the entry to this room small in size such that your kids have to squeeze their way in.

7. Of Short, Short Video Clips

Make a scary video (homemade video) or any other interesting project that can help capture fun moments in a unique way. You don’t need to be a videographer to get things done. Simply take a few short videos with your smartphone and then combine them using online tools. If you have a thing for SnapChat, then it would be a good idea to prepare some scary videos using some of the functionalities provided by this social media site. Tag your kids along in each one of these missions so that they also get a chance to hone their creative skills.

As you can see, Halloween is a fantastic time to burst out your creative juice. Whether you are planning to do it alone, with your kids or neighbors, the witches’ night can only get as dark and “evil” as you can imagine it to be. No matter how you choose to mark this age-old event, always keep in mind that the objective is to spend precious moments with family or community. So keep it simple, creative, interactive and most importantly – fun!


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