Child & Computer

It was interesting to chat with a philosopher I randomly stumbled upon on a train in London. Our casual chat progressed to family and children. I was surprised to see how a tightlipped British professional melted when he spoke about his teenage boys.

One of the toughest period of children’s evolution is teenage It’s more to do with physiological change happening inside And conflicts of independence, identity creeping in. This is a battle one wages to be an adult, with damages on both sides. To minimize this, either party should be aware of their hormones at play than blame game. By allowing individual space and recognition, the lesser the causality. we often forget that life is not a template and we cannot plan for all scenarios. Perhaps everyday forms different hues as in colour with situations, people, timing, physical, mental and what not.

Our chat shifted to how we as children or species are like Computers. We have a body like a Computer hardware. And our minds are like software and Operating System like machines. The operating system according to this stranger is our mind. And it’s like parachute, if it’s not open it won’t work. Often in countries like India this OS is more governed by religion and fear. Software applications that we load into children is through education and skill we install or acquire. Switch on the computer and depending on the OS and Software the performance and perspective change. It’s easy to help us if we could associate our children with Computer and help them with appropriate software and hardware for them to perform in life.

My station approached I had to get down, wondering, what have I loaded myself with? How about emotions?



Management Professional and Writer

He arrived on planet earth, when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969. He suspects this was a stellar barter deal between Moon and Earth. Blessed as a hyper active- absent minded child by birth, spent much of childhood in boarding where he embraced the world as his family. A lover of animals and mankind alike, with a creative bend
and ability to quickly spot other’s strengths, spent, much of his career chasing others dreams as a Management Consultant. He pursued a parallel life in finding a User Guide for mankind, as he believed, the genesis of evil in this world could have been avoided, if man was born with a User Manual; except when one is mentally unwell or has a manufacturing defect. He is on a mission to conjure a Manual, as gift to mankind perhaps Planet Earth. To make life of on earth enjoyable and fun, than to live in fear and guilt, which according to him is the recipe for dominating religions.

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