Expression and talent

We are Gods creations so yes we are pieces of art and with that, we are a work in constant progress; our own canvas, our own inspiration-we are always becoming.

The moment a child is born and they let out that first loud cry, that’s the first sign that lets us be aware of the fact they are learning how to express themselves- they are becoming.

As they keep growing ,a parent who is keen should be in a position to notice the following observations:

  • Which constant habit/activity does the child always have on repeat mode?
  • What interests them more? Is it sports, reading, nature, music ,games or art etc..
  • Do they get irritated/bothered when ejected or provided with an option(s) from that of their daily favorite doing?
  • What is that request that they keep on pestering you with each time?

These are just but examples of what your child might be trying to communicate with you on. Expression doesn't necessarily have to be oral, be keen on the non-verbal ques too. A child who is denied a chance to express themselves can develop a low self-esteem. For example a child who starts rejecting a favorite playground joint maybe be hinting that there is something wrong with the place or maybe they need a change of events.

It’s a hurting fact that a child may do well in their co-curricular activities or talents than in their academics, but if that’s identified early, both can be balanced and maximum output acquired. One may ask how expression and talent sync. Well, it has been a cliché over the decades, a parent will write off a child who prioritizes "talent “over education. Both of this are important, but what if this talent this kid possess may be like a booster towards their interest to learn more in school What if the way they express themselves with their abilities allow them to fully articulate with what they get taught at home or in school? For example a child who loves poems/choral verses can be able to write good essays since it’s what they enjoy doing and so forth.

What do you think about the two -expression and talent " dear parent?


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