Fun Things Daddy’s can do with their kids

Fun Things Daddy's can do with their kids

Being a modern dad means having to juggle between many different tasks in order to put food on the table, pay the bills and invest for the future. While at it, though, many of us get lost and finding time to spend at home becomes a near-impossibility. That’s the dilemma of being a parent today. The good thing, however, is that you don’t always have to spend a whole month at home for your kids to notice it. With these 9 activities, all you need to do is take a day off or a few hours out of your schedule and witness the bond with your kid grow stronger and stronger.

Knead Your Way to Their Hearts

Whether you love cooking or not, making a meal with your kids is an easy way to have fun together. To make this activity more fun, start with the grocery store and go shopping together. For younger kids, make sure to keep it simple. As for older kids, you can try preparing something more sophisticated like baking a cake. Your kids will definitely have a blast kneading the dough. And if you are not good in the kitchen, you can have your kid teach you a thing or two. Besides, you can have your camera ready to capture all the hilarious cooking mishaps for a sweet memory.

Take On the Outdoors Together

One of the best ways for kids to have a heart-to-heart talk with their dad is through taking a hike. You just need to find a hiking spot near you, pack your backpack with essentials and hit the trail. While on the hike, try to spot birds, different types of plants and wildlife to make a good adventure out of it. Also, you can gather some elements of nature to bring them home. You can also choose to camp out for the weekend, enjoy a barbeque in the wilderness or roasts some hot dogs with the kids.

All About Games

Sometimes simple activities like playing video games can create the most profound and memorable experiences. It does not matter how little (or much) you know about video games. You can have your kids teach you the finer points which can help build their confidence. Many games not only teach academic subjects like science and math, but also important life skills like persisting even after failure. To make the games more interesting, allow your kids to pick the type of game they would like to play. Whether it is a fantasy game, music based or even a dance game let her/him decide.

Inculcate a Movie Tradition

There is no better way to wind down a weekend than watching a new movie or comedy films with the kids. A day at the movie theater is the perfect daddy-son/daughter date. Just munching on popcorns and sipping your favorite smoothie as you watch your kid’s favorite movie will ensure you have an exhilarating experience. What’s more, you do not have to take a trip to the theater. You can get comfortable at home; watch comedy films if you want a good laugh and bonding. Sunday night movies can become a great new daddy-kids tradition.

Kite Your Bond to the Next Level, Literally

This activity might not seem like a special occasion, but building a kite from scratch can be a lot of fun with a little bit of creativity. You just need to buy a kite, drone or toy plane kit and teach your kids to create the kite. Teaching them how to build the kite will keep them engaged throughout the entire process. While you teach your children, you will also get to learn new skills too and even improve on them. Once you complete creating the toy, you can go to the park or even the beach to fly the kite, drone or plane for many hours of fun.

Fish Some Love For Them

How often do your kids go out in the fresh air to enjoy the great outdoors? Probably, not often enough. Nevertheless, nothing beats a day out on the water, just you, your children and some fishing poles. Teaching your kids how to fish will give you a great chance to have a chat with them. It will also teach them the value of patience and some great survival skills. What’s more, when the kids make their first catch, they will definitely cherish this moment forever.

Boggle Their Minds with Puzzles

Puzzles are quite helpful to a child’s mental development. They not only build their emotional and physical skills, but also their cognitive skills. Help get your mind off work and complete a puzzle with your kid. Your kids will really appreciate the time and help to solve the puzzle. For more fun, you can buy different puzzles with multiple solutions and varying difficulties. Just make sure you start your kid out with the simplest puzzles so he/she can have fun. This will help the kid learn to achieve small goals as a means towards a bigger goal.

Get Behind the Wheel with Love

When was the last time you drove a car purely for fun with the kids? I bet it is very long. But did you know you can make some fun memories by just taking a road trip once in a while with your kids alone? You just need to spare a couple of hours every weekend and take a stress-free drive with the kids. Explore new areas and some fun activities as you enjoy daddy-kids chats.

Mend Burnt Daddy-Kid Bridges with Lego

Lego is one of the most versatile and great play toys for kids. It not only inspires creativity and imagination but also builds families. Lego creations can be a form of storytelling and give children similar skills they would learn from using a dollhouse. So instead of taking those naps on every Sunday afternoon, why not help your kid build a bridge, plane, tower or creature with Lego? Your kids will love you teaching them how to finish a simple building project with Legos.

Final Word

There are loads of fun activities and events daddy’s can do with their kids. Nevertheless, all the 9 activities discussed in this article are guaranteed to be a hit. So whichever activity you wish to explore with your kids, you will definitely have a great bonding time and even create new memories. They will also keep your kids busy and more entertained.


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