Kiddie Tarot Readings for the Week of 1-7 November, 2017

Kiddie Tarot Readings for the Week of 1-7 November, 2017

Hello Parents,

These weekly tarot readings highlight specific areas in your child’s life where you might need to pay more attention. Just look at your child’s Sun sign for ideas on how you could connect with your tot better.

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 19

I-The Magician

The Aries child might be feeling exceptionally creative this week. So if they ask you to buy them some tools to realize their ideas with, don’t say no just because it has been a wasteful expense in the past.


Mar 21 - Apr 19

Taurus Apr 20 - May 20

Eight of Cups

If your Taurus child seems to have lost interest in school, an extracurricular activity or some other pursuit it might be because they are plagued by fears. Have a heart-to-heart chat; encourage them to express their dreads, without fear of judgement or admonishment.


Apr 20 - May 20

Gemini May 21 - Jun 20

Two of Swords

Gemini children have a unique way of seeing things. Before you scold them for something naughty they seem to have done, talk to them to find out if they didn’t have some noble justification of their own to do what they did.


Apr 20 - May 20

Cancer Jun 21 - Jul 22


If your Cancer child seems to be adamant about doing or not doing something, pay them some heed. Cancers are famous for their instinct and there might be some merit to their stubborn decision.


Jun 21 - Jul 22

Leo Jul 23 - Aug 22

Two of Cups

Ah! Young love…or simply infatuation with a new friend will find your Leo child wanting to spend a lot of time in another’s company. Looks like it will be up to you to chaperone these play dates!


Jul 23 - Aug 22

Virgo Aug 23 - Sep 22

Five of Rods

Your Virgo child is struggling with some imagined adversary, or they are pranking someone, or getting pranked on. If your child is a bit tetchy, they might have classroom or playground politics on their mind. Find out what’s going on indirectly.


Aug 23 - Sep 22

Libra Sep 23 - Oct 22

Knight of Swords

If your Libra child is being sweeter than usual, it might all be a ploy to get into the ‘Nice’ list just in time for Christmas! Don’t fall for their charms. Also, are they scheming to prank someone? Keep a close on eye on what they do when they think you aren’t looking.


Sep 23 - Oct 22

Scorpio Oct 23 - Nov 22

King of Rods

It is their birthday month so doubtless many of them are the centre of attention this week. The Scorpio child will shine, at parties, in athletic competitions or just in general. An inspiring, exciting uncle, teacher or mentor might also feature in their lives right now.


Oct 23 - Nov 22

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 22

Five of Rods

The Sagittarius child got the same card as Virgo, except in this case it seems more like a case of bullying or being bullied. Or perhaps a project they were working on gets ruined by unexpected forces. They will need you to cheer them back up!


Nov 23 - Dec 22

Capricorn Dec 23 - Jan 22

Page of Pentacles

Always the responsible one, The Capricorn child has been saving their gift or pocket money for something special. Don’t break their little heart by vetoing the purchase, it will render their sacrifices futile and might even end up discouraging them from being goal oriented in future.


Dec 23 - Jan 22

Aquarius Jan 23 - Feb 22

Eight of Rods

Your Aquarius child has grand designs or a plan to explore a new place or pursuit. It is all part of an even bigger and more ambitious plan in their head. Let them go with the flow on this one, even if it leads nowhere it will be valuable experience gained. A school trip could be in the offing.


Jan 23 - Feb 22

Pisces Feb 23 - Mar 20

Queen of Pentacles

If your Pisces child asks for a pet get them one, please! It will encourage their natural love for all creation and even teach them how to be more realistic and responsible with their dreams and whims. A teacher, an aunt or an ‘Earth Mother’ type of person might teach them the value of resources and environment at this time.


Feb 23 - Mar 20


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