“Mummy, are we there yet?”: The Path of Serenity for Your Child and You

What parent has not had at least one incident of their child driving them nuts with crazy, restless anticipation for a promised treat, gift or outing? Learning to accept delayed gratification is the rite of passage to maturity for almost every child. But are we adults all ‘there yet’, where we can surrender to a situation and give the moment our best without the chatter in our head demanding to know when exactly we will be getting what we want? In fact, grown-ups are worse, adding to their hopes and expectations the annoying companion who demands to know why we are not getting what we want.

As a tarot reader and astrologer I routinely work with people who only want to know when the outcome they want will play out without any interest in the process that might lead them to it. Often, the solution to attaining our desires requires us to give them up completely for a while and focus on doing the hard work of becoming worthy of them – a bit like the child who must forget all else and focus on their studies to get good scores on their exams before their parents buy them the gaming console they were wanting.

Parents can be the worst offenders of delayed gratification with their early onset anxiety regarding their child’s future, not realising that their single-minded obsession with securing a good life for their child ends up limiting the scope for serendipity to open their child’s life to unimaginable possibilities that are perhaps very different to the parents’ expectations but more spectacular than anything they could have dreamed up.

So often I have read birth charts of people who could have made millions in an offbeat profession but got coaxed into a ‘safer’ career that ended up limiting their wealth to the extent of their parents’ narrow worldview. One female client has the potential to become a very successful author, which has remained as yet unrealised because her parents have siphoned her focus on finding a husband for herself so she can ‘settle down’ into a ‘secure’ life. Oh! how I wish they could understand that their daughter could earn for herself not just a secure life, but a lavish one, if only she could stop worrying about getting married (a worry that is not even innately her own but an inheritance from her parents) long enough to be in the moment of unconditional bliss that will make her words flow into bestselling books. The biggest irony is, her chart shows promise of hooking her up with her future husband at a creative event, except she is not there because she is too busy accompanying her parents to meet prospective partners through the arranged marriage channel.

Life ultimately is not a destination, but a process, an exciting adventure of happy and bad-but-educational episodes. However, when we make life a checklist of milestones to achieve, we limit the possibilities of where luck might lead us. If you are a poor child in Africa, your most ambitious wish to a genie might only be for a proper toilet with running water because you wouldn’t have the exposure to even imagine the possibility of a house with a swimming pool!

I will be posting Tarot readings on this blog with the intent to help you open your mind to all the possibilities that you might not know to exist for your child’s happiness. Hopefully, I will also be able to help you appreciate the hidden potential of apparent setbacks to put you on the path to greater fulfilment. Ultimately, this will help you achieve serenity in the face of parenting challenges and give you and your child the blissful confidence of the Tarot’s Fool who goes wherever the wind takes him, safe in the knowledge that the Universe will catch him if he falls.

Watch this space for tarot posts starting November!

Ma Megha
Communication Strategist, Practicing Astrologer and Tarot Reader Ma Megha is a communication strategy consultant for digital media, and a practicing astrologer and Tarot reader helping people break unhealthy life patterns and alchemise their setbacks into successes. You can get a private reading from her through yinyouryang.com (About Me section) or by emailing her at yinyouryang@gmail.com

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