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I happen to meet Gorge Judas almost two decades ago. He was the head of Symbiosis Management Institute. We broke into a conversation about kids and schooling. He shared about his last trip to Israel where he has his roots. Being on holiday he often dropped and collected his niece and nephews off and on.

Apparently he was bemused by the kids zest and drive to reach school an hour early, and insistence to be collected an hour late. He did some digging to know what attracts this budding minds to school. To his surprise he found that almost till class Eight, the children spend their time to play, creativity and fun. And by class eight, they are exhausted with all kind of fun. And in a year thereon the kids cover entire early year books. Perhaps, by the time they are in their secondary schools their mind is anchored and all longing for outdoor and games is under check. I used to spend all my school waiting for the bell to hit the ground. It's unfortunate how challenging its to concrete when you mind and body is pulling one in different direction.

Incidentally, Finland is a country who is an expert at education. And in one reading I learned true education is about helping the pupils discover the seed of talent hidden within us and help it bloom in the long run. This will make each child happy and so does everyone around. Education is a means to discover talent and relate to the world logically and create value.

This will bring about happy children, happy family, happy society. With modern media as long as you know and polish your talent the future holds great reward.



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He arrived on planet earth, when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969. He suspects this was a stellar barter deal between Moon and Earth. Blessed as a hyper active- absent minded child by birth, spent much of childhood in boarding where he embraced the world as his family. A lover of animals and mankind alike, with a creative bend
and ability to quickly spot other’s strengths, spent, much of his career chasing others dreams as a Management Consultant. He pursued a parallel life in finding a User Guide for mankind, as he believed, the genesis of evil in this world could have been avoided, if man was born with a User Manual; except when one is mentally unwell or has a manufacturing defect. He is on a mission to conjure a Manual, as gift to mankind perhaps Planet Earth. To make life of on earth enjoyable and fun, than to live in fear and guilt, which according to him is the recipe for dominating religions.

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