The Relation of Building Blocks Arrangement with A Child’s Learning Situation Liking

The Relation of Building Blocks Arrangement with A Child's Learning Situation Liking

When children play with building blocks or building games, they usually have their own liking in their building arrangement. If we categorize the inclination, we may find two arrangement types.

Those are:

Ordered arrangement

In this type of arrangement, we’ll usually see patterns.

Do you see the pattern in the frame made from the blocks? Each corners of the frame are red. While the top and the bottom frame parts are blue. As the left and the right frame parts are yellow.

Unordered arrangement

In this type of arrangement, we won’t usually see patterns.

Do you see that the blocks seem placed randomly? So there is no pattern.

After knowing the types, now let’s try to pay attention to our children’s block arrangement (It can be anything, not only frame just like the example). In which type, are they into? Ordered or unordered?

You may wonder why we ask you in which type your child into. It’s because by knowing the type, we may create a learning situation which will suit your child's liking of arrangement. This may lead to another question. Does the type differences affect the learning situation liking? If this question crosses your mind, then the answer is yes. Here are the learning situation which may be like by both types.

The ordered type likes to:

  • Study in a calm and quiet place.
  • Have neat and ordered lessons notes.
  • Follow fixed schedule.

While the unordered type likes to:

  • Study in a fun place. It can be outdoor, in a room with other people around or with music plays.
  • Have lessons notes doodled or won't mind the notes being untidy.
  • Follow the schedule they make which based on their mood. So the learning time schedule may not be the same every day.

Knowing what they like will enable us to create a suitable learning situation at home. Doing so, would actually help them in boosting their learning process. While learning, especially at times when they have to learn a new lesson concept, a comfortable situation is needed so that they can concentrate completely or 100% on the lesson which is still difficult as it’s something new.

On the contrary, if they are in the situation where they aren’t comfortable with, their mind will be divided to deal with 2 things:

  • 70% will be used to deal with the negative mood caused by the uncomfortable situation.
  • 30% will be used to deal with the difficult lesson.

Dealing with emotions is higher in proportion as it's more difficult for children to deal with.

After seeing the differences caused by the uncomfortable situation, we can find out what our children like by looking at their building creation. That way we can create a suitable learning situation to boost their learning process.


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