The Road Travelled

A week ago, we celebrated his 6th B’day. Each of his B’day is milestone; obviously one after another. I am sure my dad too must have felt something similar when I celebrated my 6th.

I got tangled into reverse deja-vu this year. Have you heard of this term before?

Let me make my attempt to explain what I think is reverse Deja-vu. The young man asks me to get a chocolate for his friends in school on his B’day. The moment he put the conversation across; I freezed. I freezed in the moment.

The moment took me back about 3 decades in a flash. The quantum physics was at it’s best. Dad, his bullet, that shop, those toffees, weighing scale, mombaati, the packing, and very clear laughters of shopkeeper and my dad. The blue water bottle hanging on the left handle, and, I toddling the fuel tank lock with my right forefinger. I was thinking, rather getting ready to what was to happen in next 15 minutes. I was shy. I was shy to level that I did let go luxury of color dress in a discipline strict missionary school.

I then look back to my shiny black shoes and I see him handing over me a mombaati packed toffess in green polythene. I push that into my bag. The sense of pride of about to be walking in as hero to my class is already getting on to my nerve. But, I remember that pride in his eyes – the sound of that bullet and that 500 mts ride to school as one my most fond memories. Maybe a reason I can rcollect them in detail.

I am sure he must have had his reverse Deja-vu too.

The flashlight for me switches off. That 2 sec of soul silence gets interrupted by his 6th year happy smile. He goes to the same school as I did. He walks in with a gesture of excitement, a sense of pride and ofcourse in themed color dress.

And, here heart comes to terms with head and walk along the road of opportunity for next milestone.


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