Chelsea Doll Learns About Being a Tennis Player | Barbie Careers | Barbie

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Barbie® knows that you can be anything you want—and she wants her little sister Chelsea™ to know that, too! So when she and her friends go to the career fair, they bring their younger sisters along to explore it all. There are so many careers and so much to see! The tennis coach doll serves up opportunity in the athletic world with her winning play set. She and Barbie® doll show Chelsea™ doll how to get into the game, then Chelsea™ doll gets to try her hand playing the tennis instructor’s young student figure. With an attached ball that goes over the play set net, the fun is set! Watch the back and forth action in this cool video. What else can you be? Check out the other booths at the Barbie® career fair in the video series and know that you can be anything you want, too!

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