She Dared, She Did: Solo Drive On The Most Dangerous Road In The World In Siberia

Last year when we interviewed Nidhi Tiwari from Women Beyond Boundaries,
she was just back after spearheading a trans-continental expedition from
Delhi to London. It was a team of three and she was the only driver! Well
this time, she has outdone her last by a major scale and are we not proud
of her! On December 29th 2016, she became the first Indian to drive across
the coldest inhabited region of the earth and she did it all driving SOLO!
Not impressed? This is a road where even seasoned truck drivers (belonging
to that very region) double up because going there alone is like signing
your own death warrant. Our lady in shining armor did it alone!

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Hello Friends,

I'm very excited to welcome Nidhi Aunty back from her adventures in Siberia. Nidhi Aunty traveled all by herself to Siberia, which is soooo far away, close to the North Pole. Wow! Before that, she drove from India to London!

When I watched Nidhi Aunty go through so many difficulties in Siberia I felt that I also want to be brave like her! I also like to see new things and places, that is why she is my hero!   When I grow up I also want to go on adventures to new places --- maybe the Moon?? Thank you NidhiAunty for showing us your Girl Power!





Apart from the schools, Kyrascope was WBB’s video partner and IridiumInteractive the digital partner. They created a digital platform for schools and Nidhi to interact live as she treaded the world’s most dangerous road in most inhospitable conditions.

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