The slime toy firm has announced two new toy lines in the form of Compound Kings and Bobble Bitz. 

WeCool has announced two new product lines in the form of Compound Kings and Bobble Bitz, which it debuted at New York Toy Fair last month.

“We are excited to tap into the explosive growth of the squishy compound that kids just can’t get enough of and which is all the rage on social media, racking up millions upon millions of views,” said WeCool CEO Jeff Osnato.


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Compound Kings offers something at each tyke at reasonable cost focuses – from little individual tubs to super-estimate 3 lbs compartments, and travel units ideal for going up against the-go.

Bobble Bitz gives kids a chance to think up and make their own particular one of a kind outlines that solidify noticeable all around overnight for cool 3D manifestations they can wear, share and show.

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